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The best Technology Training Center in Rajshahi – Technology Training by SIT-Technology– an ISO 9001:2015 certified Technology Training Center in Rajshahi .  Call Today +8801717135223. Just like the way a beautiful butterfly can’t come into being without its transformation cycle from a caterpillar to a brilliant creation, to become a digitally transformed workforce a similar transformation is essential. Do not fear, WE ARE HERE.

ISO Certified Technology Training Center in Rajshahi

In modern time, every office finds employees who are Technology literate. For example- Not knowing how to operate a computer is shameful and incurs a lot of disturbances in our day to day official and business functionalities.

Language of The Digital World, Learn From Technology Training by SIT-Technology

“Digital World” defines the need for digital citizenship, digital fluency, and digital literacy. The digital world is the availability and use of digital tools to communicate on the Internet, digital devices, smart devices and other technologies. Let’s facilitate the world together.

Develop An Online Career - Learn @ SIT-Technology

Take the leap; change the career, change your life. Let us accommodate you to the freelancing world of modern age. Work for the whole world sitting on a cozy couch of your home or local office.

Our Courses

Career Counselling



    Our Facilities

    Explore the weapons of Latest Information Technology!

    24/7 Online Support

    24/7 Online Support- We always listen to our students. Any time they are in a problem, our team is always online for providing support to them. Even at night, we are online for your projects ongoing..

    Class Video

    Get the recorded lectures and class practical as video. It will create a good storage of materials for future. And you can practice at home with the help of these materials.

    Lifetime Support

    All CITI students get supports for life. For any live project get our experts' guideline and maintain it in international standard.

    Review Class

    Ensure 100% learning of tools, techniques, designs by our review classes for each batch. Better understand the difficult terms by revising every topic.

    Practice Lab Support

    We offer lab practise facilities for weak students where they can practice the task and be able to hold the attention by solving what is not understood by them.

    Job Placementort

    Acquire exclusive opportunities to work in international marketplaces as an expert freelancer. CITI creates opportunities by adding value to your career.

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